Audits and inspections

Highest safety?

We are aware of the particular importance of these criteria in relation to our food production.
Our awareness is reflected in the actions we have taken to create a modern production plant in Zgierz.
We have created the best infrastructure to ensure that the production processes take place at the highest European level.
The high standard of our technical equipment and our strict compliance with and adherence to the sanitary and hygiene conditions throughout the plant demonstrate that we work hard to obtain a safe product that fully meets the highest customer requirements.
We ensure that all our employees respect the food safety policy, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the system through internal audits and reviews.

Food quality and safety policy

High quality in delicious products

Koliber is a Polish producer of burger patties and meat products intended for consumption as ready meals or as a component of other foods.
The advantage of this type of food is the speed, convenience and flexibility of preparation, as it retains its original taste during grilling, on a traditional frying pan as well as in the microwave.
The following segments were identified among the company’s product customers: eating places, restaurants, food industry wholesalers and grocery stores.

Management systems

and food safety

Our overall (strategic) objective and indicator of our actions is to best meet customer needs and expectations, and to continually seek new areas of activity.
We make sure that every recipient is happy with our products, which comply with the relevant standards and regulations.
At every stage of implementation of the product, particular emphasis is placed on health safety and quality.
The implementation and operation of the Food Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of EN 22000:2006 and the requirements of the BRC standards is intended to provide evidence of our utmost care in the health safety of our food.
We analyse food safety risks throughout the production cycle, from the reception of the raw material to the release of the finished product, and prevent any risks from occurring by monitoring critical control points (CCPs) and operational prerequisite programs (OPRP)

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