HoReCa & Fast Food individual productions

Who are our customers?

Today we supply many companies in Poland and elsewhere in Europe, from both the fast food and HoReCa sectors.
Our customers include food service wholesalers and restaurant chains.
We have been a family company since the beginning of our existence, which makes us more flexible.
We fulfil orders according to specific recipes and the requirements laid down by our customers.
We are able to design and create a product in accordance with specific, individual requirements.
Check out what we offer today, and we would like to thank you for your interest in our company, and our existing customers for the trust they have given us.
We thank you for your interest, and would be pleased if you choose to work with us.


Who are we?

J. was created in 1993 as an idea between two families.
From the beginning of our existence, BURGERS have been our main focus.
Over the years we have continued to try and improve our products, to follow European and global food and drink trends.
This makes us one of the leading producers of burgers on the market.
Today we can boast of having the most modern production line in Poland and one of the most modern in Europe.
The entire production is located in the plant in Zgierz, near Łódź, and it meets all European and world standards.

We started with burgers

What do we do?

Burgers are our main interest and the main element of the company’s activity.
Our plant produces burgers from a variety of meat types, in a wide range of shapes and weights.
You can also find other products in our range to complement what you offer: poultry burgers, chicken wings, chicken strips, chicken kebab and a sausage.
Today, by paying great attention to the selection of suppliers and components, we have created products that we believe will satisfy your taste and allow easy and fast preparation of dishes featuring both great taste and quality.
This makes our products ideal for small food service outlets and restaurants, and thanks to a simple method of preparation, they can also be used at home.

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